CSCOE President Gail Dorn

When I visit our Catholic schools, I am welcomed by students who represent a variety of ethnic backgrounds and cultural traditions. This diversity is important as it enriches learning opportunities for our students and brings forward thoughts and ideas different from their own. 

As they learn from each other, they see the truth lived out, which the Catechism describes: “From the beginning, this one Church has been marked by a great diversity which comes from both the variety of God’s gifts and the diversity of those who receive them. Within the unity of the people of God, a multiplicity of peoples and cultures is gathered together” (CCC 814). 

Our Latino ministry represents one of our enrollment efforts to enrich diversity in our schools. We are excited to report on its success and most importantly, see the impact our Catholic schools have on these students and their families, and what they bring to their classmates.

When I see the plaid jumpers, navy sweaters and khaki pants blend together on the playground, I am delighted to witness how students of all backgrounds feel welcomed and included in our Catholic schools, seeing each other as children of God.

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