CSCOE President Gail Dorn

For many parents, preschool represents the start of their child’s educational journey. And we understand that this journey might prompt a wide range of emotions.

There’s the thrill of seeing your child’s face light up when learning something new. There’s the excitement of watching your child’s world open to include different people and experiences. But there might also be a bit of apprehension as you entrust your child to another person for a significant part of the day: Will he learn but still have some time for fun? Will she feel comfortable and make good friends? What will the teacher be like?

By choosing a Catholic preschool, you can put concerns to rest. Every one of the 73 preschools in the Archdiocese offers a safe, nurturing environment where caring and dedicated teachers will set your child on the path to an academically and spiritually rich Catholic education. Many Catholic preschools follow CSCOE’s Faithful Beginnings guidelines to ensure their programs embody the same faith, values and excellence found in the K-8 school of which they are a part.

Having K-8 students on site to serve as role models is one of the biggest benefits of a Catholic preschool.Younger students look up to the older students as examples of how to behave. In turn, the older students develop and exercise their leadership and mentoring skills when working with younger students.

When the time comes to start kindergarten, your child will already have become an integral part of the Catholic school community and be well prepared to continue learning in a faith-based environment.

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