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Helping Catholic Schools Lead with Excellence

Distance learning, here we come!

The CSCOE team is hard at work supporting schools as they support families, provide an excellent education for their students, fundraise virtually, and continue to enroll students.

Here’s how we are supporting them:

  1. Distance learning. We are holding webinars for principals and teachers to share what’s working best in distance learning.
  2. Virtual galas. Because fundraising never stops, we are helping schools pivot to online galas and other online methods of seeking support.
  3. Tech support. Top notch tech is crucial to distance learning, so we are resourcing our schools’ tech experts. We are holding virtual Tech Tuesdays for our schools, parent tech troubleshooting and providing a tech hotline.
  4. Encouragement. We like to think we are our schools’ biggest fans. And we show our love in big ways… like delivering tasty treats while schools held Packet-Pick-Ups, or checking in with principals to give support.
  5. Raising money for our schools. This year, all funds raised through our virtual CSCOE Bash will support the most critical and urgent needs in our schools. Click here to register and help support our incredible schools.

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