Our Impact

Latino Enrollment

Making a Catholic education a reality for every child

We identified early on that the Latino community was disproportionately underrepresented in our schools. When we dug a bit deeper, we discovered that there were unintended barriers. 

So, we went to work to remove the barriers, which ranged from transportation, to language differences, to cultural proficiency, to a lack of awareness. 

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Believe & Read

Advancing student literacy from page one

In its pilot, every student was reading at or beyond grade level by year two. CSCOE is looking to take this program to any and all of the nearly 80  schools we serve.

Excellence for all in reading is the simple goal. This program bolsters a child’s skills wherever they are on the reading journey, from the struggling to the excelling.

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Other Areas of Impact

C-STEM Lending Library

Checking out the potential of great young minds

When we discovered that many of our schools simply could not afford to stock the expensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) equipment that would make their schools great at educating young minds for the jobs of the future, we knew we could help.

So, we set about to create a shared resource library to house the robots, virtual reality sets, engineering kits, and other items vital to a modern STEM classroom – all through the lens of the Catholic Faith. Teachers can borrow the items free of charge for use in their classrooms, when and where needed.

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Exceptional Learners

Exceptional students require exceptional services

Serving students whose learning needs fall outside the median often requires extra resources and can be a hurdle to enrollment.

To address this, we created an initiative for Exceptional Learners. From a group of experts who can work one-on-one with schools, to resourcing teachers with classroom tools, to holding two conferences – one addressing students with learning challenges and one addressing students needing additional challenges – we are walking with schools in their mission to serve all children.

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