The best middle school hangout? Catholic schools

Middle school student

By Brian Ragatz, CSCOE President

Middle school is one of the most challenging seasons in life. As a former middle school teacher, I know it is a time filled with social and cultural pressures. These can go head-to-head with academics, rules, and even normal logic. We all were there at one point!

A Catholic school is the perfect place for our kids during this challenging time. Why?

Students are taught and seen, held accountable, and cared for by teachers working together with parents and families. Success during these important years is not only measured in academics, but it’s also measured in the ways children learn that they have choices and responsibilities, and that their choices have consequences. 

Middle school can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. What makes it easier is when parents and teachers work together to strengthen each child’s intellectual, spiritual and emotional well-being. That happens every day in our Catholic schools, and students continue to succeed.

Thank you, Catholic schools! The difference you’re making will last a lifetime. 

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