The Catholic School Difference

By Bishop Andrew Cozzens

As a parent, you desire to help your children discern and develop their various gifts and talents so they can become the unique individuals God intends them to be. The best partner you can ask for in that important endeavor is our Catholic schools.

  • We believe that every child is uniquely created by God with gifts to make this world better.
  • We seek to create a loving and supportive environment where children can discover the beauty God himself put within them. Our teachers focus on nurturing both academic and spiritual growth.
  • Your children will be encouraged to reach their full potential in mind, body and soul.
  • This emphasis on forming the whole child is a hallmark of Catholic education and what sets us apart from other types of schools.

Our schools actively engage students in learning about themselves and their relationship to God just as much as mastering math, science and reading. They offer high-quality academics, athletics and extracurricular activities, but it is all underpinned by the values articulated in Sacred Scripture. The investment you make today in a Catholic education will continue paying dividends as your children develop into adolescents and then adults who make the most of their God-given gifts. We are educating for this life and for eternity!

Catholic schools are different — and they make a difference in the lives of students and communities.

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