The world needs superheroes, and our Catholic schools have them

By Father Nathan LaLiberte

Pastor, Nativity of Mary

Growing up, I loved superheroes. To be honest, I still love them because they go above and beyond to improve people’s lives. Through the pandemic, I have been amazed at how these fictional characters have taken a back seat for me to the heroes of our own world: healthcare workers, first responders and teachers.

When most of the world locked down to protect against the virus, these heroes risked their own health to serve our communities. They worked beyond their normal hours and endured incredible stress to provide necessary services for all of us.

A gift of faithful service

I have the opportunity to see this reality firsthand at my parish school, Nativity of Mary in Bloomington. I marvel at how our teachers and staff sacrifice to ensure our students can experience a Catholic, in-person education during a pandemic.

Our teachers creatively and faithfully work to maintain a sense of normal for our students and care for their minds, bodies and souls. These sacrifices might go unnoticed, but for our students and their parents, these gifts have brought life where many only saw hardship.

This is a mystery that is at the heart of Christianity. Suffering and resurrection are intimately interwoven. Where one member of the body sacrifices, others receive life. For our teachers, who have sacrificed during this pandemic, there is nothing but praise.

A heart full of thanks

Catholic school teachers and staff: From the very depths of my heart I say thank you! Thank you for being a witness to the world of laying down your life for the benefit of others.

In the years ahead, students across all our Catholic schools will look back and see that because of you, they were immensely blessed with an excellent education.

You are the heroes our world needs, and I am truly inspired by your work and sacrifices.

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