Twinning: Three sets of twins graduate from St. Joe’s

The chance to attend Catholic school with a sibling walking the same halls is a gift for any student. At St. Joseph Catholic School in Rosemount, six students know this better than anyone else. Three sets of twins — all 14 years old — just graduated from eighth grade: Liam and Clara Donahue, Drake and Taylor Hoefer, and Sami and Madi Moseng.

These dynamic duos shared highlights from their time at St. Joe’s, how they’ve grown in their faith and what it’s like to experience it all with a twin by their side.

Q. What’s one word to describe what it’s like attending St. Joe’s with your twin?

A. LIAM: Fun.

A. SAMI: Supportive.

Q. Any twin stories you can share?

A. LIAM: On Christmas one year, we wore a giant sweater together.

A. DRAKE: When we were little, we knew what the other was saying, but no one else could understand.

Q. What was the best part of attending a Catholic grade school?

A. TAYLOR: Learning about your faith at school every day and being able to talk openly about your faith.

A. MADI: Since classes are small, you develop a strong friendship with everyone in that class.

Q. How did your Catholic school experience prepare you academically for high school and beyond?

A. DRAKE: It has taught me how to study, to work hard and achieve the grades necessary for future success.

A. TAYLOR: The small class sizes provided personal learning experiences.

Q. Share how you have grown in your faith.

A. TAYLOR: I’ve learned what it means to believe in Jesus, to know Him and to follow Him, rather than just going through the motions.

A. SAMI: I have learned to trust more in God that He has a plan for me.

Q. Describe how you’ve honed your leadership skills.

A. DRAKE: The younger grades look up to us, and I take my role as an example to the younger boys as something very special.

A. MADI: At our weekly Mass, we take the older preschoolers with us, and that helps us with caring for kids and showing them how they’re supposed to act.

Q. How has St. Joe’s influenced you to serve others?

A. CLARA: It’s taught me that people in need aren’t just the people without a home. It could be people right here in our very own community.

A. SAMI: It’s taught me that everyone is going through something and to be nice to everyone.

Q. What’s a memorable lesson that you’ll take with you?

A. TAYLOR: Surrounding yourself with good and loving people will get you through the ups and downs of life.

A. CLARA: To always look for the good that God put in each and every one of us.

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