Welcome from Bishop Andrew Cozzens

Have you ever found yourself around a truly joyful person? When I encounter a joyful person, I feel more open, more alive and more joyful myself. 

As Christians, we know that true joy is a gift from the Lord. Jesus has shared with us the gift of his merciful love, which gives us joy. The closer we are to Jesus, the more he will expand our capacity for joy and allow it to grow in us. Your joy also is infectious to others and helps shine the brilliant light of Christ into the world. Joy is the most attractive and profound catechesis.

When I visit our Catholic schools, I never fail to notice the depth of joy on the faces of the teachers, staff and students. Our Catholic schools are centers of joy and give their students this priceless gift. Joy is especially crucial in supporting children as they navigate their young lives and mature into adulthood, during which period so many children today face uniquely challenging situations. Our Catholic schools face these challenging situations with the truth of Jesus’ love that brings true joy.

We are blessed to have such joy-filled schools available for all children to access. These schools hold the promise of transforming the world, both for their students and for the broader community.

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