Welcome from Auxiliary Bishop Andrew Cozzens

I am excited and hopeful as we enter the new year. Excited, because we have seen such tremendous advances this past year, especially in the growth of preschool programs and enrollment. Hopeful, because we have so much to look forward to in 2018.

One initiative that brings me great joy is the widespread launch of Early Catholic Family Life (ECFL). This program will especially impact new parents. It will connect young families with others in the same stage in life. It will facilitate learning about critical early child development. And it will do this in a loving faith setting. (See related story on page 8.)

We have seen an explosion of growth in preschool classrooms. These new Catholic school families are discovering the joys of a Catholic education from preschool to eighth grade. I look forward to seeing the impact a Catholic school education will have on these children as they grow and matriculate through the grades.

As you read this magazine, I hope the Lord blesses you with the same joy and optimism that is seen in these stories.

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