Welcome: CSCOE President Gail Dorn

As we begin a new school year, we’re thankful not only for our 20,000-plus energetic pre-K through eighth-grade students, but also for the parents and families of these children. Catholic schools are unique in many ways, but the extent to which we include families in the educational process cannot be rivaled. Catholic schools collaborate with parents to foster positive mental, physical and spiritual development of our youngest generation. We welcome families into our school buildings and honor the wisdom, faith, energy, time and talent they share.

Ask any new Catholic school parents why they chose their Catholic school. They may tell you it was the right choice for their child, but more often, they’ll explain it was the right choice for their family. “We found a supportive community,” they’ll say. “We found a new home.”

Catholic schools recognize that family involvement is an essential component of an excellent education, and we cherish parents’ dedication to their children and our school communities. An integrated educational approach that encourages, expects and applauds familial involvement generates huge benefits both for our children and for everyone involved in their lives. Our families are diverse. Our families are beautiful. Our families make our Catholic schools shine.

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