Welcome from CSCOE President Gail Dorn

The blessings of a thriving Catholic school system extend far beyond the walls of any single school building. While the primary beneficiaries of Catholic education are students, the positive presence of Catholic schools in our neighborhoods elevates entire communities.

Research has shown that as adults, Catholic school graduates are more likely to vote and earn higher wages. They are also more likely to be civically engaged, tolerant of diverse views and committed to service. Our graduates are critical thinkers with mature moral values. These are the leaders of tomorrow. These are the young people who go on to do great things, and these are the individuals who improve the communities in which we live.

As a young nonprofit, the support that the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence has received from the wider community has been incredible, but our work is only beginning. If we are to continue increasing enrollment and excellence in Catholic schools, your prayers and support are crucial. By joining with us on this important journey, you are contributing to the betterment of our Church, our country and our world. We thank you for your dedication to our efforts, and we’re grateful for all we’ve been able to accomplish in our first two years of operation.

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Catholic Schools Center of Excellence