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Gail Dorn - Catholic Schools Week 2020 - Catholic Schools Center of Excellence St. Paul Minneapolis MN

Young families today face many pressures. They are pulled in every direction for their time, energy, talents and attention. It is a constant struggle to discern the line between being “in the world” but not “of the world.” When you add this to the age-old challenge of raising children and deepening the spousal relationship, families might feel overwhelmed.

In the cultural swirl of activity and pressure, Catholic schools are a refuge. They teach the peace that comes with a grounding in the simple truths of our Catholic faith. They focus on the whole child and the well-being of the entire family. The spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and academic spheres are not pitted against each other, but rather are nurtured in harmony, allowing every facet of a student to blossom.

This Advent season, turn to our Catholic schools as a refuge from the hectic pressures on family life. Join other families who see this beautiful season not as a time of material consumption, but as a journey of waiting, hope and awe. Embrace the peace that comes with the simple truth each student at a Catholic school will grow up to know — that giving is better than receiving.

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