Welcome from CSCOE President Gail Dorn

This year, 2018 marks the 44th year of National Catholic Schools Week in which we celebrate the achievements and contributions of Catholic schools to America. Catholic schools are the largest non-government school system in the world, and our schools have provided a stellar education. They have taken seriously Christ’s command to love all, and have often served populations that were outcast from society.

This legacy is evident today. All are welcome in our schools. And the excellence in Catholic schools results in critical thinkers with mature moral values. Through early guidance, our students realize their full potential in life. Our children become graduates of the highest caliber.

Catholic school grads are everywhere. They are morally conscious athletes and socially conscious entrepreneurs. They are astronauts seeking the higher good and physicians practicing God’s love. They are citizens, mothers and fathers, who make our world a better place.

I look forward in 2018 to our schools continuing and even enhancing their more than two centuries of offering excellent education and welcoming all students.

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