Welcome from CSCOE President Gail Dorn

Safety. A loving environment. High outcomes. This is what we parents hope for in a school environment and what every child deserves. It is what Catholic schools provide for their students day in and day out.

The average student to teacher ratio at our Catholic grade schools is 13 to 1. This intimate size allows teachers and staff to get to know each student and his or her family. This creates an exceptional community where parents are welcomed and drawn into the educational process. Small class sizes also create an atmosphere where teachers are personally invested in the success of their students. They see each student as an individual with unique potential and their mission as helping the student reach that potential.

Our Catholic schools welcome all and are joyfully Catholic. They are motivated by the core belief that each child is an image of God. The world today sees people as one-dimensional machines meant to produce things, with a person’s worth tied to their level of talent. The Catholic faith sees everyone as having an eternal destiny, meant to love, be loved and fulfill their unique potential. This worldview is echoed through the halls of every parochial school. It brings peace, joy and high expectations. Our students are called to greatness, and every teacher and staff member helps them achieve that.

We want every child to realize their potential and follow their call to greatness. Our Catholic schools are waiting for you.

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