Welcome from Dean Don Weinkauf

Guest Welcome by University of St. Thomas School of Engineering Dean Don Weinkauf.

Welcome to this edition of CSCOE Magazine with a focus on excellence in C-STEM (Catholic Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education. As an engineer, I can tell you that technical knowledge alone is extremely limited. STEM skills reach their full potential when powered by an understanding of the human condition, as well as the societies and cultures that technology serves. C-STEM adds faith, reason and compassion to an otherwise rudderless technical education.

CSCOE’s drive for excellence in C-STEM education will benefit all involved with our schools. Our young students interested in STEM subjects must be encouraged to maintain a strong interest in history, social studies, faith and literature, while our students with passion for non-STEM fields must understand that technical literacy will only amplify the impact of their work.

At the University of St. Thomas, we are proud to partner with CSCOE in this critically important effort of advancing excellence in C-STEM education in our K-8 schools. Our joint work on the C-STEM Lending Library provides the necessary tools for our teachers to foster excellence and prepare well-rounded students to thrive in the world that awaits.

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