When you walk in the doors of a Catholic school, you may notice that it looks and feels different from other schools. Crucifixes and religious art adorn the walls, the school community attends Mass regularly and students treat each other with kindness and respect. These expressions of our Catholic faith are outward signs of our love for Jesus.

Catholic schools not only inform students, but they also form and transform hearts, minds and souls to enter the world with a complete and integrated vision of life. Students learn that they are created by God, loved by God and destined for an eternity of happiness in heaven with Him. This knowledge gives them the freedom and courage to pursue and participate in all that is true, beautiful and good. Inside the classroom, students grapple with life’s big questions, seeking truth and contemplating what it means to be a child of God. Outside the classroom, they build meaningful and lasting relationships fueled by a genuine sense of community and belonging.

Catholic school graduates are respectful of differences, yet steadfastly committed to the truth. By pursuing Christ and finding God in all things, they find happiness and fullness of life. And with confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit and belief in God’s ability to work in and through them, they go forth to college and beyond, carrying the light of Christ wherever they go.

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