Companion Guides

The PNOE offers multiple companion guides to our preschool administrators, created and tailored to unique Catholic school environments. Show Them

PNOE Toolkit

Part of the CSCOE Easy Button, the PNOE Toolkit puts preschool related resources at your fingertips! The website features content

Google Hubs

CSCOE’s online community platforms connect principals, preschool directors, teachers, and staff in their respective areas. The platform has transformed how

The Catalyst Approach

CSCOE has joined forces with Midwest Educational Consultants to introduce The Catalyst Approach to early childhood education programs. This innovative

Admin Cohort Meetings

Our priority is enhancing leadership in early childhood education through interactive meetings, in-person events, and specialized sessions. We aim to

Customized Preschool Support Workshops

Preschool professional development workshops aim to elevate excellence in early childhood education through a comprehensive range of topics addressing a

Preschool Academies

Preschool Academies, presented by CSCOE, are free professional development sessions tailored to preschool professionals. These sessions are designed to support

Preschool Advisory Council

The Preschool Advisory Council is comprised of experienced preschool directors who provide valuable insights and guidance to CSCOE in the

Preschool Network of Excellence

We prioritize the growth and development of preschool administrators, including preschool directors, principals, and heads of schools, by providing a