It’s a beautiful thing to see when the teacher is so in tune with your child. They recognize where they’re struggling almost immediately and then they work so hard to make sure that that child is receiving what they need to kind of overcome whatever that challenge is.

– Kaylan, a Faithful Beginnings parent

Everyone is part of this big, welcoming school family, and it really does make me feel that my son is truly loved and welcomed here and is not just another name and number on a sheet — that he is imporant to everyone.

– Joanna, a Faithful Beginnings parent

Instantly, it was apparent that this is a community. This is not just a place you come to drop your kids off and pick them up later. The people who work here don’t just come here to get a paycheck. They care. It’s just an amazing, amazing place where it’s kind of like “Cheers.” Everybody knows your name.

– Jeff, a Faithful Beginnings parent

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