Welcome from CSCOE President Gail Dorn

 A hallmark of Catholic schools is their exceptional sense of community. But this is not just within the building; it flows over to the surrounding neighborhoods and gathering spaces. The students, teachers and staff bring their love and enthusiasm to all they encounter.

Many Catholic schools hold monthly service projects and special annual events that contribute to those in the surrounding community. Students will make special visits to nursing homes, raise funds for causes and make sandwiches for the homeless. These acts are not random or impulsive but are an integral part of the life of the school. 

This impacts the personal character development of the students in Catholic schools. Students learn to think beyond themselves and consider the needs of other people. They learn to value the vulnerable and those who cannot advocate for themselves. And they learn to personally contribute to making a stranger’s life better. 

When thinking about the decision of where to send a child to school, we often focus exclusively on the impact a school will have on our child. This is right and good. But I would encourage parents to also consider how a Catholic school and its students impact a community. Our schools create critical thinkers with mature moral values. We create citizens who serve others.

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