When it comes to choosing a preschool or grade school for your child, the options are plentiful. But not all schools are created equal. Catholic schools are the gold-standard, and the experience children have in a Catholic school environment is distinctly different from other schools. In Catholic schools, a child’s body, mind and spirit are developed and nurtured in an integrated, comprehensive, faith-centered way. This is not a given in our current culture and is part of what I like to call “The Catholic School Difference.”

I frequently hear families say that they choose Catholic schools not only because they know their child will grow intellectually, but also because they value the character, virtue and spiritual development their child will receive. Parents find peace in knowing that the values they teach their children at home are being reinforced in the classroom, and they delight in the fact that their family and home life is entirely connected with the time their child spends at school.

The virtues Catholic schools instill in students include responsibility, perseverance, integrity, honesty, courage, citizenship, humility, friendship, wisdom, magnanimity, mature obedience and religion. I encourage you to visit to learn more about how these virtues infiltrate each day at Catholic schools and stay with our graduates for a lifetime. If you want to make a decision that will positively impact your child’s entire life, choose Catholic schools. Our graduates grow up to be great.

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