Submissions should be new concepts, not existing ideas or companies, and only one submission per person or team. 

Each student or student team is required to submit two deliverables: 1) a Venn diagram illustrating the need for your business idea and 2) a recorded pitch.

Deliverable #1: A Venn Diagram

Students or student teams must complete and submit the Venn diagram worksheet to illustrate how their idea is a business opportunity.  Download, print, and use this template to create your Venn diagram.

Deliverable #2: A 3-5 Minute Recorded Pitch Video 

Students, watch the videos below and review this student tip sheet to help you hone in on your big idea and prepare an awesome pitch!

  1. Generating Your Idea
  2. Identifying Your Customer
  3. Developing Your Business Model
  4. Creating a Great Pitch

Parents and/or Coaches, share these tips and ideas with your young entrepreneurs to help them create the best possible pitch!

Suggested Timeline

(You may find this timeline helps you stay on track to deliver your pitch to CSCOE by March 17.)

Week of 1/23:  Pull together your team (if you don’t want to participate as an individual) by asking up to three friends to join you for this competition.  Secure a coach (one coach per team) and submit your interest form to CSCOE.

Week of 1/30: Come up with your great idea!  Watch video #1 “Generating Your Idea” for tips on how to do it and complete the Venn diagram.

Week of 2/6: Identify your customer and target market.  Watch video #2 “Identifying Your Customer” for guidance.

Week of 2/13: Develop your business model.  Watch video #3 “Developing Your Business Model” for help in figuring out how your business, product or service may work and be financed.

Week of 2/20:  Create a prize-winning pitch! Watch video #4: “Creating a Great Pitch” and/or ask your coach to help you incorporate ideas from the Coaches Tip Sheet to create a compelling and dynamic pitch.  Write your script, create a mock-up, model or picture of your idea, pull together any other props you may want to use, decide on who will do what during the presentation (if you have a team)

Week of 2/27:  Practice, practice, practice!  Use this week to practice your pitch.  Record and re-record your pitch to make it the best possible representation of your idea. 

March 6-March 17:  Submit your pitch video and Venn diagram.  Congratulations, you did it!

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