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Our Catholic schools are unique in many ways. For generations, they have handed down the faith and Church teachings to young scholars who have grown into scientists, clergy and community leaders. They proudly proclaim “Christmas” instead of “holidays.” And they share faith experiences like the Mass of the Holy Spirit as a school community. 

However, they are also unique in a much deeper and more fundamental way. Our schools embody the love of Christ, which impacts everything from the lessons that are taught to the school atmosphere. The students learn to treat one another with respect, love and dignity. They learn that everything they do matters, even when no one else is watching. Our faculty and staff love and care for their students daily as Christ loves and cares for us. 

I have heard so many beautiful stories that stand in testimony to this. Stories like the kindergartener who instructed her dolls to “treat each other like we want to be treated,” because that was the classroom atmosphere her teacher created. Stories like the teacher who spent extra time to give a student the emotional support needed to cope with a parent with cancer. Or the older student who was paired with a younger one as a guide and mentor and who, in turn, learned maturity and leadership.

Parents are the first to show the love of Christ to a child, but it is truly unique for a student to also experience that same love and care at their school. 

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