Why I Love My School

The Catholic Schools Center of Excellence visited St. Jude of the Lake Catholic School in Mahtomedi and asked teachers and students what they like best about their school. Here’s what they had to say:

-Jack Loosebrook, kindergartener

“I like everything about it. Yeah, I can’t choose anything else.”
-Josh Parton, first-grader

“My favorite thing about St. Jude is my friends.”
-Jazmine Sombai, third-grader

“We play at recess, and we like to make forts in the snow and play games in the summer.”
-Tim Jakoblich, fourth-grader

“All the teachers are so fun.”
-Janeea Chlebeck, fourth-grader

“Music, because we get to do fun stuff like play ukuleles and recorders.”
-Liam Ryan, fourth-grader

“What I like about St. Jude is the students and teachers that help me thrive as a student and as a friend.”
-Sophia Decosse, fifth-grader

“I like St. Jude because they make learning fun to do.”
-Marisa Arcand, fifth-grader

“My favorite thing about St. Jude is knowing everyone at school like family and small classes to get extra help I might need in my education.”
-Emma Dees, fifth-grader

“My favorite thing about St. Jude of the Lake School is that everyone gets to share their faith in God, and we get to talk about God because in [other schools], students don’t have that opportunity to celebrate the holidays and to get to go to Mass on holy days. And the students absolutely love participating in Mass.”
-Jeanne Thoemke, fourth-grade teacher

“I like the smallness of it. You get to know kids. You get to know families. It’s very personable.”
-Mary Ellen Schultz, second-grade long-term substitute teacher

“My favorite thing about St. Jude is — it has to be just the feel of the school. We have just a great environment here. It’s almost like a small town. All the students know each other. Every teacher knows every student in the school. It’s a really energetic, fun place to be, and it’s just a warm, loving environment.”
-Mike Langer, K-5 physical education, Spanish and International Baccalaureate (IB) coordinator

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